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Local News - Dorchester County

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  1. QUEEN ANNE — It was a pretty big birthday party for Frederick Douglass on Wednesday, Feb. 14, with more than 275 guests and a large birthday present.
  2. ANNAPOLIS — Superintendent of Talbot County Public Schools and current academic year President of the Eastern Shore of Maryland’s Educational Consortium Kelly Griffith presented to the Eastern Shore Delegation Feb. 9 in Annapolis.
  3. EASTON — For the first four minutes in the second quarter Thursday evening, the Vikings found a way to beat Easton’s 2-3 zone defense — unleash Kenya Jones. But for the other 28 minutes, their search produced slim, contested pickings…
  4. CAMBRIDGE — Though the South Bayside boys’ basketball title was decided nearly two weeks ago, the North divisional race came down to the last day — and was almost in doubt in the final minute Thursday night at Cambridge-South Dorchester…
  5. CAMBRIDGE — Dorchester County Public Schools honored the January Volunteer of the Month Chico Simmons.